Records of Early English Drama: Civic London 1558-1642


Researching civic pageantry, music and drama in the City of London

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Plague and pageantry

The project team are currently working remotely whilst archives and libraries are closed due to the COVID pandemic. Our project covers a period in history when epidemic disease was a regular event, especially in overcrowded London. The city’s population doubled between 1550 and 1600, meaning people lived in very close quarters. As we are allContinue reading “Plague and pageantry”

Civic London Project in the OED

Research from the Civic London project has made it into the Oxford English Dictionary, with an early use of an unusual word for a musician. ‘Dromsler’, an early modern word for a drum player, was found in the Pewterers’ Company Audit book for 1579-80 in the following entry: Payed to the dromsler for playinge –Continue reading “Civic London Project in the OED”

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Civic London 1558-1642 is an AHRC-funded project uncovering records of drama and music in early modern London.

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