Records of Early English Drama: Civic London 1558-1642

Lord Mayor’s Show 1620 live-tweet

Due to COVID-19, this year’s Lord Mayor’s Show in the City of London has been cancelled. While the modern pageantry is off, the Civic London team are giving you the opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of the 1620 Show with a live-tweet event on Thursday 29th October.

UPDATE 18/11/2020: You can find the highlights from the live-tweet on our recent post.

Project PI Tracey Hill (@TraceLarkhall) will be tweeting along in ‘real time’ with the 1620 pageant book (cover below) using the hashtag #LMS1620. Follow her tweets and the hashtag to see the sights along the procession route and hear the pageant speeches. You will even be able to hear some of the music from the show not heard in 400 years which has been newly recorded for the event!

Cover to the pageant book for the 1620 Lord Mayor’s Show, titled The Triumphs of Peace. Image copyright Guildhall Library.

The Lord Mayor’s Show is an event surrounding the swearing in of the new Mayor. The Mayor elected in 1620 – Francis Jones – was a member of the Haberdashers’ Company, as is the current Lord Mayor William Russell who will continue in office for an additional year due to the pandemic. In the seventeeth century the Show included a procession in the streets and by barge on the Thames from the city Guildhall to Westminster and back. Since the nineteenth century, the destination has been the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand. The cancellation of the modern event has many parallels with the difficulties of staging the seventeenth-century Show in a time of epidemic disease, as we explained in a blog post earlier this year.

Header image credit: Rodolph de Salis. Used under Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 3.0.

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